Touching the Void

1 hr 59 min | Plays | 2022

Based on a true story and directed by Tony Award-winner Tom Morris (War Horse), this theatrical thriller tells the story of a pair of mountaineers whose expedition becomes a breathtaking struggle for survival. Life-affirming and often darkly funny, Touching the Void is an epic adventure that asks how far you’d be willing to go to survive.

Amidst the freezing peaks of the Peruvian Andes, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates’ descent of Siula Grande takes a perilous turn when one of them slips down an icy cliff. Perched on an unstable ledge and battered by freezing winds, Simon is desperate to rescue his injured climbing partner who hangs from a rope below him. Meanwhile, Joe teeters on the brink of death and despair in a crevasse from which he can’t possibly climb to safety. Directed by Tony Award-winning Tom Morris (War Horse) and based on Joe Simpson’s bestselling memoir turned BAFTA-winning film, David Greig’s gripping adaptation takes the audience on an unforgettable adventure while charting an astonishing feat of human endurance.


Fiona Hampton, Patrick McNamee, Josh Williams, Angus Yellowlees
Tom Morris
David Greig, Joe Simpson
Jon Nicholls
Ti Green, Chris Davey