2 hr 13 min | Critically Acclaimed, Drama | 2020

Award winning actress Dame Maureen Lipman stars as Rose. This sharply drawn portrait of a feisty Jewish woman blends the personal with the political as it traces Rose’s story from the devastation of Nazi-ruled Europe to conquering the American dream.

Ginger Quiff Media’s Critically Acclaimed production staring Olivier Award winner Dame Maureen Lipman is Rose, a woman shaped by her history. She offers an intimate and, at times, humorous account of the 20th century, and the ultimate triumph of humanity. This thought-provoking production acts as a caution, highlighting the importance of unity in the face of adversity, and the need to recognise and empathise with the suffering of others. Directed by Scott Le Crass, in close collaboration with writer Marin Sherman, Rose is a moving reminder of some of the harrowing events that shaped the century. It remains sadly relevant today as racial tensions escalate, and allegations of antisemitism are rife.


Dame Maureen Lipman
Martin Sherman
Scott Le Crass
Thomas Hopkins, Michael Quinn
Christopher Jeffers
David Cullen