A Doll's House

2 hr 24 min | Drama, Plays, Classics, Must See | 2012

In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Nora Helmer, having fraudulently borrowed money to save her husband, is forced to reveal her secret and, in doing so, reassess her life as it stands.

Based on the life of Laura Kieler, a close friend of Henrik Ibsen’s, and first performed in 1879, A Doll’s House initially met with controversy over the way it criticises nineteenth-century marital norms. Ibsen confronts the problems with an exclusively male society, and a woman’s place within that. Nora Helmer commits fraud in order to obtain the money with which to save her husband’s life. Over the course of the play, her dealings are discovered and she ends up making an enormous life decision that goes against the societal grain.


Hattie Morahan, Dominic Rowan, Steve Toussaint, Nick Fletcher, Yolanda Kettle, Lynne Verrall, Susannah Wise
Carrie Cracknell, Robert Delamere
Henrik Ibsen, Simon Stephens, Charlotte Barslund
Quinny Sacks
Ian Macneil, Gabrielle Dalton, Guy Hoare, David McSeveney