Riverdance: Today's Stars

46 min | Education, Behind The Scenes, Performing Arts | 2007

Of all the performances to emerge from Ireland nothing has captured the imagination of audiences the world over in the way that Riverdance has. A global phenomenon, Riverdance continually tours selling out to massive audiences from across Europe to the United States to China. ‘Riverdance Today’s Stars’ is a unique documentary focusing on the real-life stories of the stars of today’s touring cast. The programme joins the troupe group on a leg of their worldwide tour in Killarney, Ireland. It is a personal, candid and never before seen insight into the daily lives, trials and triumphs of the new leading lights of this spectacular show. For today’s dancers, their dreams of being in Riverdance began when they saw its first performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. They have spent years in pursuit of their place in the Riverdance troupe and the pressure to perform is on. Under the guidance of their mentor and dance director, Breandán de Gallí, who himself was the lead dancer in Riverdance for seven years, the troupe are putting the final touches to their rehearsals for opening night. Brendan must bring together for the first time two lead dancers, Padraic Moyles and Nicola Byrne and the standards he demands from his lead dancers are high. We get a unique insight into Padraic and Nicolas lives, their off-stage preparations, their struggles through injury and their last-minute rituals and preparations as they take to the stage. For the troupe Life on the road isn’t all work and no play, while living and working together can lead to tension, they also enjoy the fun and camaraderie and for some the romances with fellow dancers that their place in the troupe brings them. Riverdance has always been a heady mix of cultures and this is reflected in the make-up of the troupe with dancers from the United States, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom and Ireland all working together to deliver a spectacular show to the audience. ‘Riverdance Today’s Stars’ is an intimate portrait of these dancers, capturing the glory and the heartache involved in this unique show as they struggle through the physical punishment their dancing demands to shine on stage. Riverdance Today’s Stars was filmed in 2007 for Sky TV