Unexplained Laughter


Diana Rigg stars as Lydia who, after a disastrous love affair, retreats from London to a remote cottage in Wales with her friend and confidante. The two find themselves increasingly drawn into the lives and intrigues of the local community. Then Lydia starts to hear laughter...



Lydia Diana Rigg
Betty Elaine Paige
Elizabeth  Joanna David
Finn Jon Finch
Beuno Robert Gwilym
Angharad Cindy Holden
Wyn Robert East
Hywel Emlyn Price
Lil Patricia Kane
Sid Howell Evans
April Moir Leslie


Director Gareth Davies
Writer Alice Thomas Ellis
Writer (Screen)  Alun Owen
Producer Tom Kinninmont
Music Carl Davis
Production Design Julian Williams


User Reviews of Unexplained Laughter

i was laughing enexplainily