Uncle Vanya


This adaptation of Anton Chekov's classic play stars David Warner, Ian Holm, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. A retired professor and his beautiful young wife return to the country estate left by his deceased first wife, in the process plunging the play's characters into a precarious state, where, in Beckett's words, 'the boredom of living is replaced by the suffering of being'.



Vanya David Warner
Astrov Ian Holm
Yelena Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Prof. Serebryakov Ian Bannen
Sonya Rebecca Pidgeon
Mariya Rachel Kempson


Director Gregory Mosher
Writer Anton Chekhov
Literal Translation Vlada Chernomordik
Writer (Screen) David Mamet
Executive Producers Kimberly Myers
  Jac Venza
Producer Simon Curtis
Music Jeremy Sams
Production Design Barbara Gosnold
Art Direction Steve Wright
Costume Design Lyn Avery


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