Troilus & Cressida


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. Suzanne Burden and Anton Lesser take the title roles in Jonathan Miller's production of the classic Shakespeare play. The seven-year siege of Troy by Greek forces has reached stalemate. The Trojan King has carried off Helen, wife of Menelaus the Greek King and Achilles refuses to fight in order to secure her return. Into this setting comes the story of two young lovers, Troilus and Cressida, and that of Cressida's betrayal.


Troilus Anton Lesser
Cressida Suzanne Burden
Pandarus Charles Gray
Aeneas Tony Steedman
Alexander Max Harvey
Agamemnon Vernon Dobtcheff
Nestor Geoffrey Chater
Ulysses Benjamin Whitrow
Menelaus Bernard Brown
Ajax Anthony Pedley
Thersites Jack Birkett
Achilles Kenneth Haigh
Patroclus Simon Cutter
Priam Esmond Knight


Director Jonathan Miller
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Jonathan Miller
Fight Arranger William Hobbs
Music Stephen Oliver
Production Design Colin Lowrey
Costume Design Alun Hughes

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