Titus Andronicus


BBC Presents the classic play by William Shakespeare starring Trevor Peacock and Eileen Atkins. The great warrior, Titus Andronicus, returns home from war victorious with an imprisoned Tamora, Queen of the Goths. In an act of solemn revenge for the death of his children, Titus murders Tamora’s eldest son Alarbus. So begins a series of ever bloodier exchanges of vengeance between Titus and Tamora, inevitably leading to the violent demise of them both.


Titus Andronicus Trevor Peacock
Queen Tamora Eileen Atkins
Lavinia Anna Calder-Marshal
Marcus Edward Hardwicke
Aemilus Walter Brown
Saturninus Brian Protheroe
Bassianus Nicholas Gecks
Demetrius Niel McCaul
Chiron Michael Crompton
Aaron Hugh Quarshie
Lucius Gavin Richards
Quintus Crispin Redman
Martius Tom Hunsinger
Mutius Michael Packer


Director Jane Howell
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Shaun Sutton
Fight Arranger Malcolm Ranson
Music Dudley Simpson
Production Design Tony Burrough
Costume Design Colin Lavers


User Reviews of Titus Andronicus

Is this where Titus from UBKS came from?


This is for you Tina Fay!?