Three Sisters (1970)


Nearly a thousand miles away from their beloved Moscow, Chekhov's Three Sisters  live in virtual exile. Olga (Jeanne Watts), a schoolmistress, attempts to support her siblings and the home that is the sole legacy of their late army officer father. Masha (Joan Plowright) finds relief from her empty marriage in an affair with a passionate young colonel, played by Alan Bates (Gosford Park, nbsp;The Cherry Orchard, nbsp;In Celebration) Irina (Louise Pernell), the youngest, wills herself to return the affections of an ardent suitor in the hopes that he will whisk her off to the city before it is too late. Intoxicated by yesterday's triumphs and heedless of tomorrow's disasters, the Three Sisters are left to sift through the debris of their shattered dreams on the eve of the social and political upheaval that will transform Russia forever. 


Olga Jeanne Watts
Masha Joan Plowright
Irina Louise Purnell
Andrei Derek Jacobi
Natasha Sheila Reid
Kulighin Kenneth MacKintosh


Director Laurence Olivier
Director John Sichel
Writer (Play) Anton Chekhov
Writer Moura Budberg
Executive Producer Alan Clore
Producer John Goldstone

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