Kalidah/Munchkin Benjamin Bass
Pa/Tinker Will Gallacher
Tinker/Munchkin Alex J. Gould
The Witch/Tinker Amanda A. Lederer
Ma/Kalidah Lauren Nordvig
Nick Chopper James Ortiz
Nimmee Eliza Martin Simpson
Munchkin Meghan St. Thomas
The Witch/Munchkin Sophia Zukoski


Creator, Director, Set & Puppet Design James Ortiz 
Co-Director  Claire Karpen
Composer Edward W. Hardy
Lyricist Jen Loring
Costume Design Molly Seidel
Original Costume Design Carol Uraneck
Lighting Design Catherine Clark & Jamie Roderick
Original Sound Design Adam Salberg
Music Director & Violinist Naomi Florin
Producers Robb Nanus, Rachel Sussman, Ryan Bogner, Adam Silberman


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The Woodsman

The heart-wrenching honesty of a classic retold with the innovation of a cohesive ensemble the likes of which you can compare to Peter and the Starcatcher. The music is profound as dialogue is sparse, but breathe and a simple violin push the plot along. James Ortiz should be watched closely as his skills seem unending between direction, puppet and scenic design, along with the title role. My first Broadway HD experience and the cinematography was simple as such a small space demands. There were small moments of an unfocused camera, but it did not deter from the play.