The Merchant of Venice (1980)


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. Starring John Franklyn-Robbins and John Rhys-Davies. Antonio's friend Bassanio is in love and needs money to go courting. Using Antonio as his collateral, he borrows money from Shylock. But when the debt comes due, Shylock demands repayment in the form of a pound of Antonio's flesh.



Shylock  Warren Mitchell
Salerio John Rhys-Davies
Antonio John Franklyn-Robbins
Bassanio  John Nettles
Lorenzo Richard Morant
Gratiano Kenneth Cranham
Portia Gemma Jones
Nerissa Susan Jameson
Balthasar  Daniel Mitchell


Director Jack Gold
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Jonathan Miller
Production Design Oliver Bayldon
Costume Design Raymond Hughes


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