The Maitlands


Eileen Atkins and Bill Nighy star in Ronald Mackenzie's 'lost masterpiece.' Taking place in early summer in the secluded seaside village of Betworthy, there is strained atmosphere in the once-prosperous Maitland household, as impossible love triangles and hard times begin to take their toll.



May Maitland Eileen Atkins
Roger Maitland Bill Nighy
Jack Maitland Samuel West
Dorothy Maitland Harriet Walter
Daisy Amanda Drew
Phyllis Jennifer Ehle
Joan Clareville Emma Fielding
Major Luddington Edward Fox
Arnold Luddington Henry Power


Director Lindsay Posner
Writer Ronald Mackenzie
Producer Simon Curtis
Music Paddy Cunneen
Production Design Oliver Bayldon
Costume Design Ken Trew


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