The Homecoming


In North London, an all-male beehive of inactivity is ruled with a foul mouth and an iron hand by the abusive Max (Paul Rogers) and his brother, the priggish palace eunuch Sam (Cyril Cusack). Rounding out the precision vulgarity of The Homecoming's "situation tragedy" are the sons, punch-drunk demolition man Joey (Terence Rigby) and the magnificient Ian Holm (Lord of the Rings, nbsp;The Sweet Hereafter) as pimp-smart Lenny. When, under cover of darkness, the prodigal son Teddy (Michael Jayston) brings his wife Ruth (Vivien Merchant) home to meet his family for the first time, he gets far more and less than he bargained for. To Teddy's rueful discomfort, Ruth's Mona Lisa smile forms the gateway to a labyrinth of Freudian dread, venal family values, and naked neediness that could only come from the mind of Harold Pinter. 



Sam Cyril Cusack
Max Paul Rogers
Lenny Ian Holm
Joey Terence Rigby
Ruth Vivien Merchant


Director Peter Hall
Writer Harold Pinter
Producer Ely A. Landau
  Henry T. Weinstein
  Mort Abrahams
  Otto Plaschkes
  Robert A. Goldston

User Reviews of The Homecoming

what a reunion!