The Falklands Play


Ian Curteis's play on the inside story of how the Thatcher government went to war to regain the Falklands. Originally comissioned in 1987, it was not staged until 15 years later as it was felt too politically sensitive at the time.


Margaret Thatcher 

 Patricia Hodge


 James Fox

William Whitelaw 

 John Standing

Nicholas Ridley

 Michael Cochrane

Francis Pym

 Jeremy Child

Robert Artmstrong

 Rupert Vansittart

Richard Luce

 Jonathan Coy

John Nott

Clive Merrison

Sir Michael Havers 

Peter Blythe

Alexander Haig

Colin Stinton

Ronald Reagan

Bob Sherman


Director Michael Samuels
Writer Ian Curteis
Executive Producer Richard Fell
Producer Sarah Whitehead
  Jeremy Howe
Production Design Melanie Allen
Art Direction Madelaine Leech

Costume Design 

 Jayne Gregory

User Reviews of The Falklands Play

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