The Entertainer


Michael Gambon and Helen McCrory star in Osborne's portrait of a family on the brink of total breakdown. Set in English coastal resort during the 1950s.  Archie Fry, a music-hall comedian, tries to escape life's misery through petty schemes and drinking, while his wife whiles away hours at the cinema.  Archie's carefree nonchalance disguises a desperate humiliation, and the arrival of their politically active daughter and the news that their son has been captured in Suez bring their lives into crisis.



Archie Rice Michael Gambon
Jean Rice Helen McCrory
Frank Rice George Beach
Billy Rice Bill Owen
Phoebe Rice Billie Whitelaw
Graham Dodd Nicholas Hewetson
Bill David Ryall


Director  Nicholas Renton
Writer John Osborne
Producer Simon Curtis
Production Design Anthony Ainsworth
Costumer  Dinah Collin


User Reviews of The Entertainer

i laughhed, i cried


i was entertained god dammit