Secret Service


Featuring Meryl Streep, John Lithgow and Mary Beth Hurt in some of their earliest television appearances.  This thriller by William Gillette tells the tale of a union spy in 1864 working to seize control of the telegraph office in Richmond, Virginia.

Posing as a wounded Confederate captain named Thorne, the spy’s false orders to a Confederate Army commander raise the suspicions of a southern agent, who uses a local girl in love with Thorne as his reluctant accomplice to set a trap.


Edith Varney  Meryl Streep
Captain Thorne  John Lithgow
Mary Beth Hurt  Mary Beth Hurt
Wilfred Varney Don Scardino
Martha Louise Stubbs
Mrs. Varney Alice Drummond
Jonas David Harris
Lieutenant Maxwell Frederick Coffin
Benton Arrelsford Charles Kimbrough
Corporal Matson Joe Grifasi
Private Eddinger Stuart Warmflash


Director Peter Levin
  Daniel Freudenberger
Executive Producer Jac Venza
Producer Ken Campbell
Writer William Gillette
Costume Design Clifford Capone

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