Richard III


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. Ron Cook plays the tyrant king in Jane Howell's production of Shakespeare's great history play. Overbrimming with ambition and jealousy, the duplicitous Richard will stop at nothing to claim his brother's throne. One by one Richard eliminates all those who stand in his way but, on the eve of the battle of Bosworth Field, the ghosts of his victims appear to foretell his defeat.



Richard III

 Ron Cook

Lady Margaret Plantagenet

 Patsy Kensit

Lady Anne

 Zoe Wannamaker

King Henry VI

 Peter Benson

Sir Richard Ratcliffe

 Antony Brown

Sir William Catesby

 David Burke

Duke of Buckingham

 Michael Byrne

Jane Shore

 Anne Carroll

Earl Rivers

 Paul Chapman

Queen Elizabeth

 Rowena Cooper

Duchess of York

 Annette Crosbie

Sir William Brandon

 Bernard Hill

Queen Margaret

 Julia Foster


Director Jane Howell
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Shaun Sutton
Movement Coordinator Geraldine Stephenson
Fight Arranger Malcom Ranson
Costume Design John Peacock


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