Putting it Together


Starring Carol Burnett, George Hearn and others, Putting it Together is a tribute to composer/songwriter Stephen Sondheim, featuring songs from his Broadway productions.




The Wife Carol Burnett
The Husband George Hearn
The Young Woman Ruthie Henshall
The Young Man John Barrowman
The Narrator Bronson Pinchot


Director Eric D. Schaeffer
Music Stephen Sondheim
Producer Nicholas van Hoogstraten
Executive Producer Bruce Brandwen
  Davvid Caddic
Producer Cameron Mackintosh
Production/Costume Design Bob Crowley
Costume Design Bob Mackie
Musical Director Paul Raiman

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User Reviews of Putting it Together

Great material with a worthy cast


Have seen this production live in NYC, on my DVD and now streaming. The picture quality here is a bit diminished; not as sharp or clear as the DVD. But the sound is just fine, thank you, and of course that is the most important thing. Cast of 5 are all excellent and provided with ample opportunity to perform some of the best theater songs of the last 35 years.

Quite Good


I am a Sondheim fan so it was nice to see some of my favorite songs done in different ways. The material can get a bit tedious at times, but the actors pull through. Love that they touched on most of Sondheim's work including Forum and Into the Woods.

better then I thought




The actors were fantastic! Carol Burnett was sublime, John Barrowman's vocals will blow you away. Who knew Bronson Pinchot could sing like an angel? I was just very disappointed that this wonderful showcase of talent wasn't given better material.

What Gives?


I would love to review this play