Oedipus at Colonus


Anthony Quayle and Juliet Stevenson star in this adaption of the classic Theban play by Sophocles. Many years later Oedipus wanders through Greece, guided by Antigone.  He comes to Colonus, which he has chosen as the spot where he will die.



Oedipus  Anthony Quayle
Antigone Juliet Stevenson
Ismene Gwen Taylor
Theseus Clive Francis
Creon John Shrapnel
Polynices  Kenneth Haigh
Local Man Paul Copley
Messenger Michael Harbour


Director Don Taylor
Writer Sophocles
Translation Don Taylor
Producer Louis Marks
Music Derek Bourgeois
Production Design David Myerscough-Jones
Costume Design Jane Hudson
Classical Advisor Geoffrey Lewis 

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