My Dear Palestrina


Liam Neeson features in this adaptation of the play by Bernard Maclaverty about the moving relationship between a piano teacher and her gifted pupil.



Blacksmith Liam Neeson
Miss Schwarz Eleanor Bron
Marie Mandy McIlwaine
Priest Edward Byrne
Mingo Declan McBrien
Letty Doreen Hepburn
Father Paul Antrim
Wyroslawski Alec Sabin
Danny MacErlane Ronan Downey
Mother  Valerie Lilley
Tam J.G. Devlin
First Removal Man Jack McQuoid
Second Removal Man Ciaran Downs


Director Diarmuid Lawrence
Writer Bernard MacLaverty
Producer Neil Zeiger
Production Design Diane Menaul
Costume Design Kayt Turner


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