Measure for Measure (1994)


William Shakespeare’s age-old play exploring the darker side of society is adapted for the modern day by David Thacker starring Tom Wilkinson, Corin Redgrave, and Juliet Aubrey. Sexually transmitted disease is reaching epidemic proportions. Prostitution, licentiousness and petty crime are on the increase and a new government reintroduces capital punishment for sexual offences.



Duke Vincentio Tom Wilkinson
Angelo Corin Redgrave
Isabella Juliet Aubrey
Provost Ian Bannen
Mistress Overdone Sue Johnston
Francisca Romy Baskerville
Barnadine David Bradley
Juliet Sally George
Pompey Henry Goodman
Claudio Ben Miles
Escalus David Waller


Director David Thacker
Writer William Shakespeare
Writer (Screen) David Thacker
Producer Peter Cregeen
Music Adrian Johnston
Production Design Bruce Macadie
Costume Design Lyn Avery


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