Macbeth on the Estate


Shakespeare's play is updated to the present day starring James Frain and Susan Vidler. On a council estate where people survive by dealing drugs and shoplifting, Duncan is the Godfather. Urged by Mrs Macbeth, Macbeth kills Duncan.



Macbeth James Frain
Lady Macbeth Susan Vidler
Banquo Andrew Tiernan
Macduff David Harewood
Lady Macduff Patsi Fox
Duncan Ray Winstone
Malcolm Graham Bryan
Seyton  Martin O'Brien
Rosse Jonathan Dow


Director Penny Woolcock
Writer William Shakespeare
Writer (Screen) Penny Woolcock
Producer Alison Gilby
Music David Wilson
Production Design John Ellis
Executive Producers Simon Curtis
  Julian Murphy
Costume Design Janice Rider


User Reviews of Macbeth on the Estate

I never heard of this show until I saw it here