BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. Nicol Williamson plays the title role and Jane Lapotaire portrays Lady Macbeth in Jack Gold's production of the Scottish play. After receiving a prophecy of his future kingship from three witches, and coerced by his scheming wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan but he is increasingly oppressed by the guilt of his crime in this darkest of Shakespearian tragedies.



Macbeth Nicol Williamson
Lady Macbeth Jane Lapotaire
Macduff Tony Doyle
Lady Macduff Jill Baker
Duncan Mark Dignam
Malcolm James Hazeldine
Lennox John Rowe
Ross Gawn Grainger
Banquo Ian Hogg
Angus David Lyon
Seyton Eamon Boland


Director Jack Gold
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Shaun Sutton
Music Carl Davis
Production Design Gerry Scott
Costume Design Michael Burdle


User Reviews of Macbeth

it can't be said..


but I love this scottish play