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Andrew Rannells

A Delightful Hour

I am a humongous Andrew Rannells fan and I was so glad that this special did not disappoint. His concert is something to look into, whether a fan or not, because of his very unique set list. At first it was a little upsetting for me to see that there weren't as many musical songs in his concert but he still brings his outstanding vocals and passion into each one of his numbers, from Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" to Vikki Carr's "It Must be Him", and the songs really grew on me. The orchestrations throughout the show are beautiful to listen to as well! Rannells is very engaging and entertaining when he talks with his audience and his transitions for his songs are very smooth. Like I said, this is a concert a lot of people should see. There are some touching songs, some comedic songs, but overall, it is an all around fun concert that you won't regret watching. (The only thing for people who've seen this concert before is that "The Boy Next Door" got edited out for this version, which I wasn't expecting and was a little bummed about.)