Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!


It's the Broadway Tony Award® winner filmed for the very first time! From the hit sitcom SOAP, comic Jay Johnson and his snarky schizophrenic wooden 'friend' Bob star in an uproarious stand-up comedy performance. They're joined by Jay's many other wacky characters in a show full of crazy riffs and comedy surprises. Without losing the flow of comedy and outrageous surprises, Jay interweaves the sometimes hilarious history of ventriloquism - once thought to be witchcraft - with heartfelt moments from his own life, career, and the earlier generation masters of the art who inspired and mentored him. We hear the tale of how a retired puppet maker agreed to create one last character especially for Jay. And Jay brings this first character to life for us before the show is over. A master humorous storyteller and ventriloquist in the smash live comedy performance that conquered Broadway, London's West End, and continues to wow audiences nationwide. Leonard Maltin says Jay "...dazzles us with his magical gifts and comic savvy."



All Characters Jay Johnson


Director Bryan W. Simon
Stage Director Murphy Cross & Paul Kreppel

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User Reviews of Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!

A passionate entertainer


Here's why I love Jay Johnson: He's a man who loves and believes in his art, and performs it masterfully. His art is an unusual one, and that makes this performance all the more special. He is part magician, part comedian, part philosopher, part humanitarian -- but all extraordinary to watch. This is an almost-totally family friendly production; there are one or two moments of (amusingly) foul language to be aware of, but on the whole Jay keeps it PG. I watched it with my young daughter, and I'm pretty sure no damage was done. Also, she absolutely loved it, and wants to watch it again. Well worth the price of admission.