Henry IV Parts I & II


John Caird's adaptation of William Shakespeare's history play of a young man's elevation from immature prince to responsible king explores timeless themes against the brutal backdrop of medieval England and starring Jonathan Firth, Rufus Sewell, and Toby Jones.



King Henry IV Ronald Pickup
Prince Hal Jonathan Firth
Prince John Daniel Betts
Poins Jonathan Cullen
Earl of Warwick John Woodvine
Sir Walter Blunt Tim McMullan
King Richard II Roger Allam
Harry Percy Rufus Sewell
Lord Cheif Justice Peter Jeffrey
Earl of Worcester Corin Redgrave
Sir John Falstaff David Calder
Doll Tearsheet Jane Horrocks
Justice Shallow Paul Eddington
Wart Toby Jones


Director John Caird
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Annie Castledine
Fight Arranger Malcolm Ranson
Music Ilona Sekacz
Production Design Anthony Ainsworth
Art Direction Jane Shepard
Costume Design Joan Wadge


User Reviews of Henry IV Parts I & II

obviously one show compared to two