Hamlet (2002)


This stunning version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet by internationally acclaimed director Peter Brook has stripped the work of what he refers to as 'the inessential' to focus on the myth at the heart of the play. Simply staged and accompanied by a haunting soundscape ranging from muffled bells to birds in flight, this powerfully original and exciting production lends itself perfectly to the screen.



Hamlet Adrian Lester
Claudius Jeffery Kissoon
Gertrude Natasha Parry
Polonius Bruce Myers
Horatio Scott Handy
Ophelia Shantala Shivalingappa
Guildenstern/Laertes Rohan Siva
Rosencrantz Asil Raïs


Director Peter Brook
Writer William Shakespeare
Writer (Screen) Peter Brook
  Marie-Helene Estienne
Producer Yvon Davis
  Jane Weiner
Music Toshi Tsuchitori
Costume Design Nadine Rossi
Stage Design Ysabel de Maisonneuve


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