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Gypsy (2015)

2015 (HD)



A BroadwayHD exclusive musical. This glittering, exuberant new production of Gypsy, captured in 2015 before a live audience in London's legendary Savoy Theatre, captures the energy and dazzle of the classic musical in a whole new light.  The recipient of eight Olivier Award nominations, this production stars Imelda Staunton in the iconic role of Mama Rose, with Lara Pulver, Gemma Sutton, Peter Davison, and Dan Burton offering outstanding supporting performances.  The Daily Telegraph calls it "a triumph for Imelda Staunton," and The Times calls it a "stunning revival of one of the greatest Broadway musicals.”

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Mama Rose Imelda Staunton
Louise Lara Pulver
June Gemma Sutton
Herbie Peter Davison
Tulsa Dan Burton
Uncle Jocko Billy Hartman
Mr. Goldstone Jack Chissick
Tessie Tura Anita Louise Combe
Pop Patrick Romer
Mother Lucinda Shaw
L.A. Roger Dipper
Mazeppa Louise Gold
Majorie May Clare Halse
Mr. Weber Tom Hodgkins
Yonkers Kieran Jae
Electra Julie Legrand
Geraldine Danielle Morris
Little Rock Luke Street
Kansas Damien Poole
Delores Lauren Hall
Agnes Natalie Woods


Director (Stage) Jonathan Kent
Director (TV) Lonny Price
Book Arthur Laurents
Lyricist Stephen Sondheim
Composer Jule Styne
Producer Chichester Festival Theatre
Choreographer Stephen Mear
Musical Director Nicholas Skilbeck
Casting Director Pippa Ailion
Lighting Mark Henderson
Sound Paul Groothuis
Design Anthony Ward



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Gypsy (2015) Preview
Gypsy (2015) Preview

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User Reviews of Gypsy (2015)

Just not to miss


Stunning performances of Staunton, not to forget the complete cast. Topped all the performances which I have seen, including Angela Landsbury and Tyne Dale and the TV version with Bett Midler. I thought this old fashioned show should be outdated, but it looked as new. Sondheim only contributed in words, but did it with a glance of humor that even nowadays it stands strongly on his feet.



By far the best Gypsy performance I have ever seen. Totally worth seeing just for Imelda's performance alone, she is truly spectacular, please see this! It's worth every penny!



An astounding, incredible, and amazing production of this great Broadway show! Imelda Stauton as Mama Rose is the best I have ever seen, even topping Angela Landsbury's unforgettable performance in New York. The rest of the cast, including Laura Pulver(finally a believable Louise), and Peter Davidson(superb in the usually overlooked role of Herbie) are a dynamite ensemble. Jonathan Kent's direction is spot on, with pacing like a shot out of a cannon. Sets and lighting perfection. Watching it on television I was cheering along with the audience at the curtain call.(B. Peery-USA)



Stunning. In every department

I haven't seen this yet!


I didn't even know this was recorded! It's so weird to see Umbridge as a mom - kinda makes sense though.