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2002 (HD)



Based on the acclaimed stage play by Michael Frayn, and adapted and directed by Howard Davies, Daniel Craig and Stephen Rea star in this thought-provoking drama. Long after their deaths, Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg look back on their 1941 meeting in occupied Copenhagen. Old friends, Bohr and Heisenberg revolutionized physics in the 1920s but by 1941 were on opposing sides in the Second World War. The meeting was awkward and fraught with danger so why did Heisenberg return?

Closed captions available.



Werner Heisenberg Daniel Craig
Niels Bohr Stephen Rea
Magrethe Bohr Francesca Annis


Director Howard Davies
Writer Michael Frayn
Writer (Screen) Howard Davies
Producer Richard Fell
Executive Producer Simon Curtis
Music Dominic Muldowney
Production Design Candida Otten
Art Direction Bill Brown
Art Direction Inger Stamp
Costume Design James Keast
Costume Design Sarah Moore

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