Broken Glass


Mandy Patinkin stars in Arthur Miller's highly acclaimed drama set in Brooklyn, 1938. Dr Hyman is called to treat Sylvia Gellburg who has been stricken by a mysterious paralysis in her legs. Gradually she reveals her profound anxiety about her marriage and the events taking place on Kristallnacht in Berlin. As these two seemingly unrelated situations come together, Dr Hyman and his wife realize that they are in deeper water than they could have ever imagined.



Dr. Harry Hyman Mandy Patinkin
Phillip Gelburg Henry Goodman
Sylvia Gellburg Margot Leicester
Margaret Hyman Elizabeth McGovern
Harriet Julia Swift
Stanton Case Ed Bishop
David Nitzan Sharron
J. O'Leary Mark Lambert
Flora Sharon D. Clarke
Dr. Sherman John Sterland
Myra Gabrielle Llyod
Bill Van Der Hart Jason Shepard


Director David Thacker
Writer Arthur Miller
Writer (Screen) David Holman
  David Thacker
Producer Fiona Finlay
Executive Producer Simon Curtis
  Rebecca Eaton
Music Adrian Johnston
Production Design Bruce Macadie
Art Direction Sara Hawden
Costume Design Lyn Avery


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