Antony & Cleopatra


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. In Jonathan Miller's made-for-tv reworking of this Shakespearian tragedy starring Colin Blakely and Jane Lapotaire, the Egyptian Queen and the Roman leader are revealed as victims of an obsessive love that inevitably leads to their self-destruction.



Antony Colin Blakely
Octavius Caesar Ian Charleson
Enobarbus Emrys James
Cleopatra Jane Lapotaire
Canidius John Paul
Ventidius Jonathan Adams
Alexas Darien Angadi
Charmian Janet Key
Soothsayer Howard Goorney
Iras Cassie MacFarlane
Mardian Mohammad Shamsi
Lepidus Esmond Knight
Pompeius Donald Sumpter
Octavia Lynn Farleigh


Director Jonathan Miller
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Jonathan Miller
Choreographer Sally Gilpin
Music Stephen Oliver
Production Design Colin Lowry
Costume Design Alun Hughes

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