Absolute Hell


Judi Dench and Bill Nighy star in a production of Rodney Ackland's once scandalous black comedy about the alcoholic, nymphomaniac owner of a Soho drinking club in bomb-blasted London in the weeks leading up to the 1945 election.


Christine Foskett Judi Dench
Hugh Marriner Bill Nighy
Siegfried Shrager Ronald Pickup
Doris                     Susan Porrett
Butch                   Paul Birchard
Julia Shillitoe Sylvia Barter
Elizabeth Collier Francesca Annis
Mrs. Marriner Eileen Page
Michael Crowley Gregory Floy
Maurice Hussey Charles Gray
Sam Mitchum Nathaniel Parker
Lettice Willis Moyra Fraser


Director Anthony Page
Writer Rodney Ackland
Producer Simon Curtis
Choreographer Eleanor Fazan
Music Jason Osborn
Production Design Michael Young
Costume Design Judy Pepperdine


User Reviews of Absolute Hell

Absolute Favorite show!


I could watch it 100 times again!