A Winter's Tale


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare starring Jeremy Kemp and Anna Calder-Marshall. The King of Sicily is convinced his wife is guilty of adultery with his close friend Polixenes. He imprisons her and tries to kill Polixenes, setting in motion a tragic chain of events.



Leontes Jeremy Kemp
Hermione  Anna Calder-Marshall
Archidamus            John Welsh
Camillo David Burke
Polixenes Robert Stephens
Mamillius Jeremy Dimmick
Emilia Merelina Kendall
Antigonus  Cyril Luckham
Paulina Margaret Tyzack


Director Jane Howell
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Jonathan Miller
Choreographer Geraldine Stephenson
Music Stephen Oliver
  Dudley Simpson
Production Design Don Homfray
  Alan Jeapes
Costume Design John Peacock


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