A Doll's House


Henrik Ibsen struck an early blow for feminism in 1879 with this liberated tale of a wife who rebels. Juliet Stevenson plays Nora who finally revolts against her husband's perception of her as a doll-wife whose opinions count for nothing.



Nora Helmer Juliet Stevenson
Torvald Helmer Trevor Eve
Kristine Linde Geraldine James
Dr. Rank Patrick Malahide
Nils Krogstad David Calder
Helene Sonia Ritter
Anne-Marie Helen Blatch
Porter  Dennis Clinton
Ivar Joe Anderson
Bob Max Anderson
Emmy Alexandra Gill


Director David Thacker
Writer Henrik Ibsen
Translation Joan Tindale
Producer  Simon Curtis
Music Guy Wolfenden
Production Design Marjorie Pratt
Costume Design Lyn Avery


User Reviews of A Doll's House

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