These Foolish Things


Lindsay Duncan stars in this story of husband-hunting in the wealthy aristocratic circles of London. Gutrune meets Nick, the charismatic editor of a newspaper, and he seems the perfect choice, but Nick is still in love with his ex-wife. Can Gutrune be sure that time will heal his wounds? Or could she make the same mistake with someone else?



Gutrune Day Lindsay Duncan
Nick Verney James Fox
Daniella Alex Kingston
Jones Tom Knight
Catherine Ciaran Madden
Charlie Michael Keating
Sgt. Bliss Anthony Dutton
Daisy Nina Cowen
Susannah Eva Lohman
Anita Chloe Salaman
Teasel Charlotte Attenborough


Director Charles Gormley
Writer Elizabeth Spender
Producer Andy Park
Music John McCabe
Production Design Dugald Findlay


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