Philadelphia, Here I Come!


Friel contrasts Gar's cloistered emotional life with his gregarious social persona by portraying him as two distinct characters, a public self (Donal McCann) and a private self (Des Cave). As public Gar energetically goes about his rounds, private Gar voices the anger, and sadness, "the loneliness, the groping," that has positioned him between a loveless youth and an unknown future. As the two sides of Gar spar over their shared past and we meet the people that have inclined him towards a two-faced life, the difference between emigration and exile begins to blur.

Gar's surrogate mother Madge (Siobhan McKenna, Doctor Zhivago), his speechless, affectionless father (Eamon Kelly), and most importantly Gar's ex-fiancée Kate (Fidelma Murphy) all provide inadvertent testimony to the fear and longing that have already separated Gar from his community, his family, his heart, and ultimately from himself. AFT's Philadelphia, Here I Come! is a soulful backward glance at a life as yet un-lived and a heart as yet un-loved on the threshold of escape to, "a vast restless place that doesn't give a damn about the past."



Gar (Public) Donal McCann
Gar (Private) Des Cave
Madge Siobhan McKenna
S.B. O'Donnell Eamon A. Kelly
Kate Doogan Fidelma Murphy
Senator Doogan Liam Redmond
Liz Sweeney Mavis Villiers
Con Sweeney Niall Toibin
Master Boyle Pat Layde
Conan O'Byrne David Kelly
Ned Niall Buggy
Joe Eamon Morrissey
Tom Donal Cox
Dr. Francis King Desmond Keogh
Ben Burton O.Z. Whitehead


Director John Quested
Writer Brian Friel
Music Marc Wilkinson
Costume Designer Josie MacAvin

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now i want ot go to philly