Othello (1990)


A slightly updated version of Othello set in the 19th century Cyprus, where all characters wear uniforms and dresses from the American Civil War era. Othello, a heroic aging Moroccan mercenary marries beautiful and loving Desdemona, daughter of a general. Their love has no match, but their doom is spelled by non other than Othello's personal confidant Iago, a master manipulator, who believes that a trained loyal soldier like him is more deserving of a good life than a foreign mercenary.


Roderigo Michael Grandage
Iago Ian McKellen
Brabantio Clive Swift
Othello Willard White
Cassio Sean Baker
Duke of Venice / Lodovico John Burgess
Montano Philip Sully
Desdemona Imogen Stubbs
Emilia Zoë Wanamaker
Biance Marsha A. Hunt


Director Trevor Nunn
Writer William Shakespeare
Executive Producer Michael Darlow
Producer Greg Smith
Associate Producer Ralph Wilton

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Can't choose


I don't know which version is my favorite!!!