Lost in the Stars


Brock Peters (To Kill a Mockingbird) is Stephen Kumalo, a black South African minister searching the unfamiliar back alleys and shantytowns of Johannesburg for his son, Absalom. But Kumalo's unwavering faith is put to the test when he finds Absalom in jail facing a capital murder charge. Courage, dignity, and sacrifice fall prey to the whirlwind of racist hypocrisy and hollow justice in Absalom's trial. Absalom's reunion and reconciliation with her father, his jailhouse marriage to his pregnant sweetheart Irina (Melba Moore), and his heroic determination to tell the truth no matter the cost set the stage for a tragic climax of both epic proportion and documentary immediacy.

Peters, whom Weill declared, "one of the great voices of American theatre," delivers a flawlessly moving performance. Singing the title song, "Lost in the Stars," in an empty church to which he will never return, Kumalo's agony offers spiritual richness in place of poverty and human grace in place of prejudice, even as his heart becomes another casualty of vicious ethnic hatred



Stephen Kumalo Brock Peters
Irina Melba Moore
John Kumalo Raymond St. Jacques
Absalom Clifton Davis
James Jarvis Paul Rogers
Rose Paula Kelly
Matthew Alan Weeks
Grace Paulene Myers
Judge John Williams
Carmichael Ivor Barry
Arthur Jarvis Harvey Jason
Johannes Ji-Tu Cumbuka
Alex H.B. Barnum III


Director Daniel Mann
Writer (Play) Maxwell Anderson
Writer (Play) Alfred Hayes
Writer (Novel) Alan Paton
Executive Producer Edward Lewis
Producer Ely A. Landau
Music Editor Kenneth Hall
Musical Director Alex North

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