Lady Windermere's Fan


On the brink of a momentous life-altering decision, a young lady learns that the difference between good and bad people is not always as straightforward as she thinks. This comedy of manners is packed with the wit and wisdom of the incomparable Oscar Wilde.



Lady Windermere

 Helena Little

Lord Windermere

 Tim Woodward

Mrs. Erlynne

 Stephanie Turner

Lord Darlington

 Kenneth Cranham

Duchess of Berwick 

 Sara Kestelman

Lord Augustus Lorton

 Robert Lang


 Ian Burford

Cecil Graham

 James Saxon

Mr. Dumby

 John Clive

Mr. Hopper

 Geoff Morrell

 Lady Agatha Carlisle
  Amanda Royle
 Lady Plymdale
 Veronica Lang
 Lady Jedburgh
  Diana Fairfax
 Lady Stutfield
  Vivien Llyod
 Mrs. Copwer-Copwer
 Gloria Connell
 Rosalie   Mary Kurowski


Director Tony Smith
Writer Oscar Wilde
Producer Louis Marks
Production Design Don Taylor
Costume Design Phoebe De Gaye


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is it me?


Because I'm a huge fan!