King Lear (1974)


The formidable James Earl Jones reprises his critically acclaimed King Lear in this television adaptation of Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival production.  Of Jone’s performance, The Washington Post wrote, “Jones has the qualities of mind, body, voice and movement which enable him to make us care deeply about the spectacle of an old man brought to grief by his folly.  The magnitude Jones projects is not a matter of physical size, but largeness of soul.”

1974 (SD)


King Lear James Earl Jones
Edmund  Raul Julia
Gloucester  Paul Sorvino
Edgar  Rene Auberjonois
Goneril  Rosalind Cash
Cordelia  Lee Chamberlin
Regan  Ellen Holly
Kent  Douglass Watson
Fool  Tom Aldredge


Director Edwin Sherin
Writer William Shakespeare
Producers Virginia Kassel
  Joseph Papp
 Executive Producers Jac Venza
Music Charles Gross

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