Miss Grubov Susan Anspach
Liza Ozhogin Susan Anspach
Rubin William H. Bassett
Capt. Ivan Petrovich William H. Bassett
Lt. Zimin Jim Doerr
Katerina Prolomnaya Catherine Gaffigan
Mrs. Ozhogin Martha Greenhouse
Dr. Korvin Mark Hammer
Zoditch Dustin Hoffman
Feathers Susan Lipton
Volobrina Susan Lipton
Lawyer Levinov Harry Miller
Terentievna Charlotte Rae
Mr. Ozhogin Nicholas Saunders
Officer Ron Seka
Tania Patricia Stich
Nikolai Alexeevich Chulkaturin Michael Tolan
Officer Brian Turkington
Pandalevski Lee Wallace
Bizmionkov Lee Wallace


Production Facilities Videotape Productions of N.Y., Inc.
Lighting Director Ferd Manning
Associate Director John Howes
Technical Director Joseph F. Polito
Audio Gino Lombardo
Video Ed Henning
Makeup Lee Baygen
Production Assistant Wilma Curley
Assistant Producer Virginia Gray
Graphic Design Elinor Bunin
Costumes John Boxer
Set Design Charles Rosen
Associate Producer Virginia Kassel
Directors Larry Arrick and Earl Dawson
Producer Jac Venza

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