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Jesus Christ Superstar

2012 (HD)



Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar returns to its roots with this sensational performance filmed in the UK during the Live Arena Tour. An incredible cast including Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot,  Melanie Chisholm as Mary Magdalene,  Chris Moyles as King Herod and Ben Forster as Jesus Christ  perform hit songs including "I Don’t Know How to Love Him " "Gethsemane " "Heaven on Their Minds " "Everything’s Alright " "King Herod’s Song" and "Superstar" in an exciting and contemporary interpretation of this beloved classic.




Jesus Christ Ben Forster
Judas Tim Minchin
Mary Magdalane Melanie Chisholm
King Herod Chris Moyles
Pontius Pilate Alex Hanson
Caiaphas Pete Gallagher
Annas Gerard Bentall
Peter Michael Pickering
Simon Zealotes Giovanni Spano


Directors Nick Morris
  Laurence Connor
Writer Tim Rice
Producers Brett Sullivan
  Dione Orrom

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User Reviews of Jesus Christ Superstar

Dramatic and fun


A good solid performance. I recently saw a local theater group perform this musical. I got to relive it. Then to see this performance - I had the foundation and this dramatic large scale production just reinforced it further. Its still relevant!



Ben Forster's astounding performance soars in a production worthy of the score. A gorgeous voice, with a powerful range of affect. The tempi in this production allow the piece to move. The visuals match the energy of dancing and singing. Every voice from Giovanni Spano's Simon to the electric charge of Tim Minchin is riveting. Can't imagine a more compelling performance from any cast. This is a must-watch, true to Rice and Webber and to the overwhelming sense of tragedy the story and music conveys. Virtuosity pours from every guitarist, keyboard player, and drummer involved. An incredible experience.

Fun & Rocky


I thought it was enjoyable, I never really liked the show before but I actually enjoyed it more as a concert.

One Star for hiring decent singers...


Although they all seem like they were contestants on a tv talent competition. This arena version lacks ANY of the brilliance of the 1973 film version which was made well within the fabulousness of the 1960's & 70's. The director of this arena version staged it no better than a high school production. See the film! Watch closely the choreography...wardrobe...and ACTING! this arena cast didn't know the first thing about acting. It's like they were directed to "make everything as dramatic as you can!" Over-acting is what i call it.