Cast Director Lighting Design  Stage Manager 
Larry Bryggman  Daniel Sullivan  Kenneth Posner  Janet Takami 
Maria Dizzia  Playwright  Original Music &  Producer 
Tasha Lawrence  Steven Levenson  Sound Design  Stewart F. Lane 
Jeremy Shamos  Set Design  Dan Moses Schreier  Executive Producer 
Seth Michael Steinberg  Derek McLane Production Stage Bonnie Comley 
Kate Walsh Costume Design  Manager  Co-Producers 
Gary Wilmes  Jess Goldstein  Kevin Bertolacci  Gio Messale 
      Benjamin M. Birney 


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If I Forget

Loved it!

truly a wonderful presentation. everything about this presentation was admirable. this is why we go to theatre.

If I Forget

This was a beautifully written play and the acting is amazing. It is also directed incredibly well. The video quality is also superb. I really loved watching the presentation of this play.

Five Stars!