The Iceman Cometh


In the faded light of Harry Hope's 1912 skid row bar, a rag tag group of fallen men, each like a ghost haunting the wreckage of his own life, await the annual arrival of Hickey (Lee Marvin). This year, however, the charismatic Hickey brings not the usual rounds of drinks and pats on the back, but the unwelcome news that he's off the sauce for good and has come to persuade Hope's drunks to do the same. One by one, the regulars' booze-basted pipe dreams come under Hickey's leering microscope until finally the most shocking self-deception turns out to be Hickey's own. 

John Frankenheimer's masterful interpretation of Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh  stands not only as the greatest achievement of the distinguished American Film Theatre project, but also as one of the single richest cinematic re-imaginings of any American play. Near the end of his brilliant and varied career, director Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate, The Train) singled out the little known Iceman as "the best creative experience I ever had." 



Willie Oban Bradford Dillman
Harry Hope Fredric March
Don Parritt Jeff Bridges
Hickey Lee Marvin
Larry Slade Robert Ryan


Director John Frankenheimer
Writer (Play) Eugene O'Neill
Writer Thomas Quinn Curtiss
Executive Producer Edward Lewis
Producer Ely A. Landau
Associate Producer Les Landau

User Reviews of The Iceman Cometh

Long show


it's a long show but a great story