Henry VI Part I


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. Starring Peter Benson in the title role, this is the first play in Jane Howell's adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry VI history cycle. The seeds of civil war are sown when the power vacuum left by Henry V's early death cannot be filled by the pious Henry VI. The boy king is beset by wars in France and internal unrest as the feud between Richard, Duke of York and the Earl of Somerset escalates into the War of the Roses.



Henry VI Peter Benson
Basset John Benfield
Joan La Pucelle Brenda Blethyn
Duke of York Bernard Hill
Duke of Burgundy Antony Brown
Duke of Gloucester David Burke
Duke of Alencon Michael Byrne
Earl of Suffolk Paul Chapman
Sir John Falstolfe Arthur Cox
Lord Talbot Trevor Peacock
Margaret Julia Foster
Countess d'Auvergne Joanna McCallum


Director Jane Howell
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Jonathan Miller
Fight Arranger Malcom Ranson
Movement Coordinator Geraldine Stephenson
Production Design Oliver Bayldon
Costume Design John Peacock


User Reviews of Henry VI Part I

loved all 3 parts