Hamlet (1980)


BBC presents Shakespeare's classic tale of betrayal, murder and revenge. Rodney Bennett's television adaptation of Hamlet stars Derek Jacobi as the most complex of all Shakespeare’s characters. Prince Hamlet is told by his father's ghost that his uncle Claudius has murdered him and married his widow.


Hamlet Derek Jacobi
Claudius Patrick Stewart
Gertrude Claire Bloom
Ophelia Lalla Ward
Polonius Eric Porter
Laertes  David Robb
Horatio Robert Swann

 Jonathan Hyde

Guildenstern  Geoffrey Bateman
Fortinbras Ian Charleson


Director Rodney Bennett
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Cedric Messina
Fight Arranger B.H. Barry
Music Dudley Simpson
Production Design Don Homfray
Costume Design Barbara Kronig


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