Galileo Topol
Cardinal Inquisitor Edward Fox
Priuli Colin Blakely
Ballad Singer's Wife Georgia Brown
Ballad Singer Clive Revill
Elderly Court Lady Margaret Leighton
Sagredo John Gielgud
Cardinal Barberini Michael Gough


Director Joseph Losey
Producer Ely A. Landau
Executive Producer Otto Plaschkes
Writer (Play) Bertolt Brecht
Writer (English translation) Charles Laughton
Writers Barbara Bray & Joseph Losey


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Sound sync problems

Just short of viewing for two hours (approximately the 1:50 mark), I was distressed to see/hear the sync go awry. The sound/dialog began to precede the picture making the remaining performance unwatchable. If this can be fixed, it's well worth the watch... if not, I'd recommend to avoid investing the time.

go look through a telescope!