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Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

2017 (HD)




ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME is a wildly inventive musical adventure that tells the story of a sleep-deprived single mom who struggles to balance her family and career as a video game music composer. Late one night, while posting a dating video, she receives an unexpected response from the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922), one of the most iconic leaders of the 20th century. Shipwrecked and stranded on an iceberg in the Antarctic, Shackleton reaches across space and time to share his heroic journey with her. Against all odds, they discover that their greatest inspiration lies within each other.

Catch ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME during the EXTENDED on-demand encore through July 4th!




Kat Val Vigoda 
Ernest Shackleton & Others Wade McCollum 


Director Lisa Peterson
Writer (Book) Joe DiPietro
Executive Producer Stewart F. Lane
Producer Bonnie Comley
Co-Producers Gio Messale & Benjamin J. Birney
Music Brendan Milburn
Lyrics Val Vigoda
Musical Director Ryan O'Connell
Production Design Alexander V. Nichols
Costume Design Chelsea Cook
Sound Design  Rob Kaplowitz
Orchestrations Ryan O'Connell & Brendan Milburn
Music Supervisor Curtis Moore

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Ernest Shackleton Loves Me Trailer
Ernest Shackleton Loves Me Trailer

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User Reviews of Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

loved it


I hope this will return to BroadwayHD so I can experience it again.

Quirky, uplifting, and fun


I wasn't sure what I was going to think of this one, but it was absolutely delightful! The actors were wonderful, the songs were great fun, and the story was a joy. I'm so glad I caught this one on the last day of the extended enore. I'm only sorry I can't watch it again.



beautifully shot, gleaming with optimism, stellar music. a treasure.



We've watched this on-line twice so far and loved every minute. Clever use of technology. Ernest (et al) is hilarious. Kat has tremendous talent. I loved her looping song at the beginning. I am inspired to become a full-fledged optimist!

This is a singular, beautiful experience


You probably haven't seen anything quite like this. There is even an early stage of "audience orientation" to help us understand the technical elements in play--which are, on their own, quite astounding. But the show is never weighed down by the technical wizardry. On the contrary, the performances are so utterly charming that we can't help but root for these characters and join the emotional journey to become "true blue, full-fledged optimists!"

Really Fun


What a journey. A little repetitive in the middle but otherwise joyful, fun romp. Music is beautiful.

Absolutely WONDERFUL


What a great show. Tuneful, imaginative, funny and so well-directed and acted. I could watch Wade McCollum all day. I've seen him as Hedwig and as the Emcee in Cabaret....he is always a revelation. And Ms. Vigoda was an absolute delight. I love this show!

So Glad I Watched this!


It is witty and absurd and rousing and touching all at the same time! I keep checking my fridge in case Earnest is in there.

Fast Paced and Fun


Imaginative setup plus compelling characters equal a terrific musical. Loved it.

Unsurpassed Optimism!!!!


An overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed single mother descends into madness amidst toe-tapping, jaunty sea shanties. NAAAAHHHH, This lovely piece is about maintaining hope and unbearable optimism in the face of dire odds. Valerie Vigoda is Kat. A video game music composer who is at wit's end. Enter the master of boundless optimism, Ernest Shackleton (Wade McCollum) an explorer of The South Pole from a century ago. How do these two meet? With great suspension of disbelief and a freak electrical snowstorm which transforms Kat's refrigerator into a time/space portal. Remember...suspension... The music is lively and endearing. The lyrics clever. Projections of actual explorer film footage are a nice touch! The production is touching and witty with great performances by the two cast members. On this night (June 7 2017) it was being filmed for live stream on I recommend that you check it out as a nice way to spend a date night.

If only ...


Would have enjoyed it so much more IF ONLY they didn't find it necessary to constantly spew such disgusting language. Why do people have to talk like that? It isn't cute or edgy or whatever they or going for. It is cheap and vulgar. (And before you judge me, I am only 44)

Ernest Shackleton Loves Me


This show is an uplifting reminder that our trials come and go, but our endurance and optimism can help us to overcome even the most difficult struggles.

This show makes me happy


Incredibly uplifting, inspiring show. Everything to love here.