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Daddy Long Legs

2015 (HD)



The first Off-Broadway musical to be live streamed around the world returns exclusively to BroadwayHD!  From the Tony®-Award winning director of Les Misérables comes the intimate new musical Daddy Long Legs. Based on the classic novel which inspired the 1955 movie starring Fred Astaire—a beloved tale in the spirit of Jane Austen, the Brontë Sisters, and "Downton Abbey"—this heartwarming Cinderella story about a witty and winsome young woman and her mysterious benefactor has charmed audiences of all ages from Los Angeles to London. Critics are cheering: Daddy Long Legs has "echoes of She Loves Me and top-notch performances" and "is one of the most enthralling, entertaining and moving love stories on the American musical theater stage."



Jerusha Megan McGinnis
Jervis Adam Halpin


Book/Director John Caird
Music/Lyrics Paul Gordon
Musical Direction, Arrangements and Orchestrations Brad Haak
Producers Ken Davenport, Michael Jackowitz, Hunter Arnold, Peg McFeeley Golden, Tres Rosas, David Bryant, Ben Bailey, Caiola Productions, Carl Daikler, Marguerite Hoffman, Jeffrey Grove
Associate Producer Kayla Greenspan
Scenic/Costume Designer David Farley
Lighting Designer Paul Toben
Sound Design Peter Fitzgerald
Lighting Adaptation Cory Pattak
Production Manager Duncan. R Northern
Production Stage Manager Jenny Gorelick
Assistant Stage Manager Briand R. Sekinger
General Manager DTE Management
Casting Dale Brown Casting

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User Reviews of Daddy Long Legs

One of the BEST musical I've ever seen


This is a truly masterpiece. I didn't got the chance to fly to the US to watch it live, but waiting for it to become available on streaming was really worth the pain. I think it really does justice to the original book: it is so well written that it manages to combine a witty tone with the romantic/sentimental one in a very natural way. It is so easy to step from the laugh to the tears! I found myself so caught in the story and the characters to watch it all again right at the end. The performers are just as amazing as the show: Megan McGinnis has a beautiful voice and is a wonderful Jerousha, Adam Halphin is a convincing Jervis, funny, romantic but torn too. They balance so well each other and, in my opinion, managed to portray the characters as they were in the novel (or as I imagined them). The songs are perfect and I really enjoy the way the "create" the character of Jervis, practically invisible in the novel, showing all his frustration and concerns. It is not easy to write a musical from a epistolary novel, especially if one tries to keep the epistolary structure of the story instead of re-adapting it, but here it has been done WONDERFULLY.

Fabulous performance!


I was lucky to watch at the theater several times. Much better than the old movie. I cried but it has a good sense of humor. It is great becoming available to view many times.

Really Loved this show!


Very talented cast and writing. Sorry missed this in person.

Loved it!




I loved it. What a performance, what talent. Highly recommended.