BBC presents Shakespeare's symbolic romance starring Helen Mirren and Richard Johnson. King Cymbeline's daughter, the virtuous Imogen, marries the humble Posthumus in secret much to the disappointment of her stepmother. Posthumus is banished by the King and what follows is a tale of disguise, deceit, poison and treachery.



Cymbeline  Richard Johnson
Imogen Helen Mirren
Cornelius Hugh Thomas
Queen Claire Bloom
Iachimo Robert Lindsay
Jupiter Michael Hordern
Posthumus Michael Pennington
Pisanio  John Kane
Cloten Paul Jesson
Philario Geoffrey Lumsden
Helen Patsy Smart
Caius Lucius Graham Crowden
Belarius Michael Gough
Guiderius Geoffrey Burridge
Arviragus David Creedon


Director Elijah Moshinsky
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Shaun Sutton
Music Stephen Oliver
Production Design Barbara Gosnold
Costume Design Dinah Collin


User Reviews of Cymbeline

pretty great!


it was much better then expected